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Community Spotlight-Logan County Sheep Banquet

This special community spotlight edition of the LoCo Lingo focuses on the 67th annual Logan County Sheep Improvement Association banquet. Recognition and industry updates were evident throughout the night, so listen in to stay informed! Featuring several interviews you’ll want to hear, this community spotlight does not disappoint.

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Pardon me turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Be sure to count your blessings on this wonderful holiday.

Now you may think some holiday traditions are peculiar but one tradition our nation holds dear actually saves multiple lives every year! How so? Well tune in to the LoCo Lingo to find out! Just hit play above and enjoy. And don’t forget to like our brand new page on facebook!

(The saving of lives may not be actual human lives)

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LoCo in Indianapolis?

Even though the 84th National FFA Convention is over, you don’t have to miss out. With multiple guest appearances, the LoCo Lingo was able to be on location as many local schools competed nationally. With over 540,000 members, the FFA is the largest its ever been, so come find out more about the organizations largest annual activity. Tune-In!


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True Luxury? A fridge in the combine!

John Deere is known to always be the frontrunner on the market when it comes to agricultural machinery. With their newest release of equipment, what have they come out with now? Exciting new tools for the field are ready for the 2012 season. With John Deere’s first ever class 9 combine and many other advancements, its sure to be an exciting year for agriculture! So come listen in and discover why everyone is talking about John Deere and its newest items.

LoCo stands for Logan County!

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THE Ohio State Fair!

FAIRTASTIC! A common word heard around the studios of LoCo Lingo currently. Why? Well because the Ohio State Fair is officially underway. Annually being one of the best fairs in the nation, the fair this year is sure to not disappoint. With the most concerts, attractions, and livestock exhibits in history, you need to come visit.

This LoCo Lingo features speeches from the opening ceremonies including Governor John Kasich and State Fair General Manager Virgil Strickler. With each one supporting the fair from an agricultural point of view, its sure to be an exciting event!

So we’ll…see you at the fair!

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Heat Wave Much?

July is National Ice Cream Month and its HOT out there! How do you stay cool? In this broadcast, we tell you how 90% of Americans beat the heat.  Come listen to the LoCo Lingo!

hint: It may have to do with July being National Ice Cream Month

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Updated Weather

Check out the newest weather, updated as of Thursday, July 21st

Just click on the weather link above

Its HOT out there!

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